Best Plumbing In Tucson

When it comes to plumbing, you need a company that does things the proper way and not the easiest way. Best plumbing in Tucson that will go out of its way to complete your project on time and at a lower cost. The best of our business is when you call you’ll speak directly with the owner.

Roger’s Plumbing Company is a friendly, family-owned plumbing business here in Tucson. Having been in operation since 1962, we can guarantee that no other plumber does a better job for less!

Our plumbing experts will handle all your plumbing issues, from the simplest to the most complex. Whether it is clogged drains, leaks or even an overflowing toilet, we have the expertise and the experience to handle it. Our focus is on exceeding your expectations every time you need plumbing in Tucson.

Our technical team is equipped with the latest plumbing technology so we can get your facilities in working order as soon as possible. You deserve comfort in your home which is why we give our all to get your home in order. At Roger’s Plumbing Company, we guarantee that if you have an issue, we can fix it!

Talk to one of our plumbers today and like we always do, we’ll tackle all your plumbing needs. And, you will get all this at a convenient cost. Our lead plumber and director will personally attend to all your needs and concerns so you can expect immediate attention.

Like we always say, ‘If we can’t fix it, it’s not broken!’



Plumbing in Tucson
Best Plumbing in Tucson


We are Bonded and Insured.

Nothing is more reassuring than working with a bonded and insured plumbing in Tucson. Every plumber in our team is bonded and insured and for this reason, you can rest assured that nothing will go wrong. We have been in business for years and, therefore, know how to handle any plumbing need in your residential or commercial building.

Fast and Affordable Services.

Have you hired a plumbing company in the past and paid a high cost for the services? Get in touch with Roger’s Plumbing Company today and enjoy excellent and affordable services. When working on your plumbing project, you’ll be notified of the cost before we begin working.

Get in touch with us today and enjoy the best plumbing services in Tucson without breaking the bank. Our technical team will get to your home on time regardless of your location in Tucson.

Highly Trained and Experienced Plumbers.

Roger’s Plumbing Company only works with trained and experienced plumbers who can handle the most complex plumbing projects. Whether it is al leaking toilet, water heater replacement, or drain cleaning, get in touch with us.

Locally Owned & Operated.

Nothing feels better than working with a plumber that knows and understands your situation. Being locally owned and operated, Roger’s Plumbing Company will provide customized and affordable services.



Rogers Plumbing in Tucson

Sewer Line Replacement & Repair.

Here at Roger’s Plumbing Company, we’ll not only clean your drains but we’ll also repair and replace damaged sewer lines. Leaving your drains or sewer pipes in disrepair can lead to flooding and contamination of groundwater.

We provide best plumbing in Tucson. Our plumbing experts will use the latest technology will handle your sewer line cleaning any time the need arises. Whether it is broken, cracked or collapsed pipe, give us a call and we’ll get it in perfect working condition.

Drain Cleaning.

If your shower is slower or that your tub is taking too long to empty, get in touch with us. Our plumbing team will not only find the root cause of the clogging but will also make your drain functional.

Every plumber in our team is trained and experienced in diagnostic, cleaning and repair services. Whether it is a slow drain, clogged sink or even a clogged sewer line, we have the tools and expertise to handle it.

Using the latest technology, our plumbing experts will locate any grease build-up, leak, damaged pipe or any other obstruction. Whatever issue other plumbers have failed to handle successfully, we’ll tackle it and make your home safe and functional again.

Drain Cleaning Services

Water Heater Replacement.

Having hot water in your home is a necessity and will play a huge role in the smooth running of your home. You need it to bathe, cook or even wash and if the water heater is damaged, it will be a huge obstacle. Your family will not only be uncomfortable but will also be at risk of suffering from ill-health.

For the years we’ve been in operation, our plumbing pros have handled the most complex water heater repairs and replacements. We can handle any make or model out there swiftly and carefully to exceed your expectations.

Whether yours is a gas or an electric water heater, give us a call and our knowledgeable technical team will repair it. It is beyond repair, our experts will replace it and ensure that your home’s functionality is restored in no time.

Toilet Replacement

Are you struggling with a clogged, overflowing or a broken toilet? Or maybe your toilet is not outdated and you need a new one? Roger’s Plumbing Company has the right solution for you!

Our toilet replacement experts are trained to offer excellent toilet repairs and replacement every time the need arises. Any time your toilet stops running, fail to flush, leaking or overflowing, give us a call and we’ll make it functional in no time.

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Gas Line Replacement

Roger’s Plumbing Company has handled gas line repairs and replacement since 1962. Our plumbing team will not only detect gas leaks but will also go out of their way to rectify any errors. If your gas line is beyond repair, our experts will replace it and ensure that it is within the set standards.

Call us now for your gas line repair or replacement and like we always do, we’ll get the job right the first time. You don’t have to risk your family’s health and safety by hiring an unprofessional person to handle your repairs.

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Water Leak Repair.

Are you suspecting there is a water leak under your house slab, outside your home or even from underground pipes? Water leaks cannot only ruin the aesthetic appeal of your home but can also cause intense damage if not handled fast.

At Roger’s Plumbing Company, we provide best plumbing in Tucson. We have what it takes to detect water leaks and carry out the necessary repairs. If you suspect that your residential or commercial building has a leakage, call our friendly and professional plumbing experts today.

Water Leak Repair in Tucson
Rogers Plumbing Services in Tucson


Roger’s Plumbing Company is your trusted partner any time you have a plumbing project. With the high number of returning customers and referrals, we can proudly say that our services are unequaled. You will feel secure and at peace when working with our plumbing team as they have been trained and certified.

To serve you better, we have heavily invested in the latest plumbing technology and ensured that every plumber is up-to-date with these technologies. Whether you want a water heater replacement, toilet repair, drain cleaning or water leak repair, among other services, we will deliver.

Call us today for your free consultation and estimate regarding your plumbing project. Our lead plumber and director will personally attend to you and respond to all your concerns.

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So, don’t wait. Call now!